The home buying season is quickly approaching, and if you are putting your home up for sale, there are a few electrical upgrades and electrical tips that you should think about before listing.  First, upgrade existing fixtures.  Nothing will improve the look of your home in pictures and walkthroughs than fresh electrical light fixtures and devices.  Upgrading your existing switches, fixtures and receptacles by a licensed electrician can completely change the look of your home at an affordable price.  And believe it or not, just having working bulbs in your fixtures is very important.  The single story, standard height fixture bulbs are easy to replace, but you should also have the outdoor flood bulbs working as well as 2-story foyer chandeliers, fixtures, ceiling fans and recessed fixture light bulbs.  Also, you should think about the fixtures that you would want to take with you.  In that case, you should have those fixtures replaced by a licensed electrician before you put your home up for sale.  Lastly, if your home's main electrical service is in bad shape or just severely dated, you should think about replacing or even upgrading a 100 amp electrical service to a 200 amp electrical service.  If your 100 amp electrical service or 200 amp electrical service is hazardous, this may deter a potential home buyer from purchasing your home.  To get further insight on electrical upgrades call Brian Millman Electric today for a free estimate (215) 355-6189!

The weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer.  Soon, we will start having get togethers, parties and barbecues, all while entertaining outside.  When having people over your home during the day, you may not need lighting, but you will need entertainment devices.  These devices could be an outside TV for a baseball game, speakers for music, outdoor weatherproof GFCI receptacles for charging stations and appliances, or ceiling fans to move around air and keep your friends and family cool.  When evening falls, you will still want all of the items for during the day, but you will also need some lighting to go along with everything.  Outdoor lighting can vary from a simple sconce, to a security motion light to know that someone has arrived.  You can also add a post light and/or a few path lights for guidance.  Finally, you could go with a low voltage LED landscape lighting system in your front AND back yard for beautiful accents.  The LED low voltage lighting systems will not only add light allowing your guests to see, but it also creates a custom atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.  All of these items are perfect for upgrading your home without serious renovations.  Most of them can be completed in less than a day without serious interruption to your life!  Call Brian Millman Electric today for a free estimate (215) 355-6189!




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