Use light to make intruders visible

A well lit home is a safe home.  The goal of outdoor security lights is to present more risk to an intruder. It does this by making it so they canʼt work in the dark and will thus be more likely to be spotted.

A high risk of detection may be all it takes to motivate them to choose a target elsewhere. 

4 Strategies for outdoor security lights (and tips too!)

GENERAL TIP: Outdoor motion-sensitive lights come in two main types. The type most people get is the simple off/on variety. But the other type, “high/low” (also known as “motion-sensitive with ambient light sensor”) can be particularly effective. These lights come on from dawn to dusk (triggered by the ambient light sensor) but at low brightness (to conserve electricity) and then jump to full brightness when the motion sensor triggers.


Strategy 1

Make sure all entrances are lit. If all you have is a porch light on a switch, use it.

TIP: Replace your typical switched porch & other entrance lights with infrared motion-detecting lights.

Strategy 2

Use motion-sensitive lights generously to take away hiding locations and the ability to work undetected.

TIP: Check the aim and settings for each light. When checking the aim, donʼt just look at the bulbs, but also check the aim of the motion sensor.

Strategy 3

Continuing the previous point, make sure all first floor windows and any locations are lit where someone might try climbing to reach upper floors.

Strategy 4

Donʼt forget about your driveway, garage (both inside and out) or carport.

A tip for you to do tonight

Take a walk around your place at night (even if you already have outdoor security lights installed) and look for areas that might be vulnerable.

Try pretending you were an intruder. How would your lighting or lack of it affect your strategy for getting in?  That will identify areas for you to improve.

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